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Roos, Denise (Ms DJ)

Service Provider Name: Roos, Denise (Ms DJ)
Service Provider Type:
Type of Organisation: Private Practice
Service Description:

Denise Roos – Gauteng LADD® Coach/n/nDenise has ADHD and is the single mom of a delightful ADHD son, William. Denise did the LADD® Coaches Training course in May 2007 and has been the resident Gauteng LADD Coach since then. Most of her working life has been in Sales in a variety of industries. She is a passionate, dedicated and caring ADHD Coach./nShe knows how hard it is to have ADHD whilst bringing up an ADHD child, but she has seen the benefits that LADD® Coaching has brought to her life. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping others learn to love themselves and their lives./n/nIn addition to the one on one Coaching,ADHD Impairments Assessments and Family Interventions, where she helps families deal with ADHD issues in their homes, Denise is also available to hold ADHD Talks and runs various Workshops and Training Courses./n/nDenise is keen to get as many Coaching &Support Groups up and running in Gauteng and surrounds.

Health Conditions of Interest: Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)(Adults), Learning Difficulties
Occupation(s): Other
Target Group: Adolescents, Adults, Children, Family, Groups, Parents
Phone Number: +27-11-4200306
Cellular Phone Number: +27-81-2708573
Fax Number: +27-86-5995233
Website Address: http://www.ladd.co.za
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City: Benoni
Street Address (line 1): Wooton Avenue
Street Address (line 2): Western Extension
Postal Address (line 1): Wooton Avenue
Postal Address (line 2): Western Extension
Suburb: Benoni
Postal Code: 1501
Official Position: Accredited LADD® ADHD Coach & Course Presenter
Title: Ms
First Name: Denise
Initials: DJ
Surname: Roos
Gender: Female
Home Language: English
Date of Birth: 1973-07-23

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