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Mental Health Information Centre - Southern Africa

About the database

The Mental Health Information Centre of Southern Africa (MHIC) aims to provide the most complete and up to date directory of mental health service providers (professionals and organisations) in Southern Africa. This online service allows the general public to search for a mental health service provider in their area of need – easily and at no charge.

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The MHIC database is a free directory of mental health professionals. The MHIC is not responsible to verify that information and contact details submitted by mental health professionals are correct. It is mental health professionals’ responsibility to ensure that their information is updated and correct. We do not guarantee that messages sent via our system will be received or responded to by a professional or organisation listed on the database. If you need help with information or a referral to a mental health professional, you can contact the MHIC via email mhic@sun.ac.za or telephone 021 938 9229.

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South African Medical Research Council
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