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Mood Disorders

The essential feature of this group of disorders is a primary disorder of the mood. Mood disorders are however much more comprehensive, and the disorder of mood is accompanied by various other characteristic symptoms.

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Prof Mayosi

As students, and especially as medical students, you will know that depression is a clinical, biological disease, and that as […]

Heart attack patients more depressed but get fewer antidepressants

Heart attack patients are more depressed but are less often prescribed antidepressants than people who have not had a heart […]

Stopping antidepressants following depression

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Depression and suicide – university students

Depression and suicidal thoughts are two of the most frightening things a person can face in their lifetime.

Depression study finds evidence of serotonin signal transduction disturbances

Depression and anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders.

Bipolar disorder – 26 May 2015

What is bipolar disorder? The essential characteristic of bipolar disorder is one or more manic episodes, usually, but not always, […]

A short fuse may be a shortcut to disease

Medical researchers increasingly are finding just how toxic outbursts of anger can be.

Positive psychology has one message: be happy

Bobby McFerrin’s song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, needs a remix to make it more accurate.

Why are some depressed, others resilient? Scientists home in one part of the brain.

Many of us find ourselves swimming along in the tranquil sea of life when suddenly a crisis hits — a […]

Compensatory Response Shields Mice from Depression-like Behaviors

Scientists have traced vulnerability to depression-like behaviors in mice to out-of-balance electrical activity inside neurons of the brain’s reward circuit […]

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