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van Wyk, Celia (Dr A C)

The Sandplay Therapy Room of Dr. Celia
Service Provider Name: van Wyk, Celia (Dr A C)
Service Provider Type:
Type of Organisation: Private Practice
Service Description:

In my practice I use sandplay therapy as my main modality. Sandplay acts in a mostly non-verbal, non-threatening and non-invasive way, which makes it the ideal therapy for children or adults who do not like to talk. Every client is treated individually and worked with according to his own strengths and inner resources. I am passionate about my clients and my work!

Health Conditions of Interest: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Occupation(s): Counsellor (General), Other
Target Group: Children, Adolescents, Adults
Phone Number: +27-11-7915286
Emergency Number: +27-72-1451437
Cellular Phone Number: +27-72-1451437
Fax Number: 866672711
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City: Johannesburg
Street Address (line 1): 72 Adelaar Crescent
Postal Address (line 1): PO Box 1652
Suburb: Randpark Ridge extension 9
Postal Code: 2040
Official Position: Registered Sandplay Therapist
Highest Qualification: B.A. Counselling; PhD (Honorarium); Advanced Post Graduate Training in Sandplay Therapy (USA)
Practice Number: 81088
HPCSA Registration Number: NWMIU Reg: 00003/D/591120 EPASA Reg: DEM050800333 SACAPH Reg: 20-0026/10
Office Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Office Hours Open: 08:00
Office Hours Close: 17:00
Title: Dr
First Name: Celia
Initials: A C
Surname: van Wyk
Gender: Female
Home Language: Afrikaans
Date of Birth: 1959-11-20
  • van Wyk, Celia (Dr A C)

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