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Shuttleworth, WendyGlenda (Ms G.W.)

Service Provider Name: Shuttleworth, WendyGlenda (Ms G.W.)
Service Provider Type:
Type of Organisation: Other
Service Description:

Wendy teaches powerful strategies to courageous women (who have been abused, mistreated or don’t love themselves) to get past negative patterns in relationships (with themselves and others) to find joy!

Health Conditions of Interest: Abuse, Abuse (Sexual), Abuse (Survivors of), Abuse (Women), Behavioural and emotional problems, Burnout, Depression, Depression (Postnatal), Domestic Violence, Relationship problems, Relationship problems (Co-dependency), Relationship problems (Parent-Child), Relationship problems (Marriage), Sexual Disorders
Occupation(s): Counsellor (General)
Target Group: Adults, Community, Couples, Family, Groups, Men, Parents, Women
Phone Number: +27-82-5588042
Emergency Number: +27-82-5588042
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
Street Address (line 1): PO Box 1055
Postal Address (line 1): PO Box 1055
Postal Code: 1876
Official Position: Coach/ counsellor/ workshop facilitator
Highest Qualification: 50333, National Diploma: Occupationally Directed Education Training, National Diploma in Human Resources Management, mini MBA, Seta Assessor, Moderator and Verifier
Office Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Office Hours Open: 08:30
Office Hours Close: 16:00
Title: Ms
First Name: WendyGlenda
Initials: G.W.
Surname: Shuttleworth
Gender: Female
Home Language: English
Date of Birth: 1969-12-05

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Listing Title: Shuttleworth, WendyGlenda (Ms G.W.)

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South African Medical Research Council
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