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Multiple Sclerosis South Africa

Service Provider Name: Multiple Sclerosis South Africa
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Type of Organisation: Non-profit organisation
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SOME OF THE AIMS AND ACTIVITIES OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOUTH AFRICA:-/n/nThe MSSA aims to support PwMS in all facets of the illness – representation on government level, medical aids, information, support to newly diagnosed, their families and employers, cooperation with international bodies in a quest to find a cure for MS, the relay of research outcomes to our MS community in SA, representation at the annual NASA congress, ACSA Disability Show and MSSA representation internationally./n/nWhat is Multiple Sclerosis: MS is a disease of the central nervous system and what it does, it destroys the myelin. The myelin is like a rubber coating around the nerves in your brain and what these multiple sclerosis does is, the immune system turns on the person whose got the condition and eats away that myelin, which in turn leaves the nerve exposed. Obviously the myelin is really important in sending messages from the brain to other parts of the body. So if that myelin is destroyed the messages get disturbed; they get distorted and it causes quite a lot of physical problems. For some people it might be walking because the message to the legs says start walking and it does not happen – the legs have a problem so they might trip over; or it could be speech – sometimes peoples speech become slowed or even just practical things like picking up a cup. But for some people it is slowed in a way that we can’t see, so they get very fatigued or they get some memory problems but physically they look the same as most people do, very healthy and very well – but inside the body things are not working like they should do. Source: Multiple Sclerosis South Africa /n/nWhat is it like living with MS? – The word uncertain comes to mind. MS symptoms are mostly hidden; it is symptoms that you cannot see. Somebody might say: I feel very tired and a partner or friend says: “well pull yourself together cause we still need to go out.” The fatigue that a person with MS feels is very different. Sportsmen running a race might say: “they hit the wall, they cannot move any further – and that is what an MS person would like to explain. It is like you hit the wall. Just to pick a foot up and move one more step is impossible for an MS person. And that fatigue is very very distressing, you can’t see it and the person looks well and healthy. /n/nPlease visit http://www.facebook.com/MultipleSclerosisSA to learn more about MSSA.

Health Conditions of Interest: Chronic diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Disability, Disability (Intellectual), Disability (Physical)
Occupation(s): Neurologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist (Clinical), Social Worker, Other
Target Group: Adults
Phone Number: +27-21-9484160
Cellular Phone Number: +27-82-5505486
Fax Number: 0866 914 277
Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City: Bellville
Street Address (line 1): P O Box 653
Postal Address (line 1): P O Box 653
Suburb: Bellville
Postal Code: 7530
Highest Qualification: university degree
Practice Number: PBO 9300 175 06
HPCSA Registration Number: NPO 003 – 275
Office Hours Open: 09:00
Office Hours Close: 13:00

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Listing Title: Multiple Sclerosis South Africa

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