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Mental Health Information Centre - Southern Africa

International Counselling – Kampala

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Type of Organisation
Private practice
Service Description

The World Famous, Dr. Stephen F. Myler is from Leicester in England, an industrial town in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. He holds a B.Sc (Honours) in Psychology from the UK’s Open University the largest in the UK; he also has an M.Sc and Ph.D in Psychology from Knightsbridge University in Denmark. In addition to this Stephen holds many diplomas and awards in a variety of academic areas including journalism, finance, teaching and advanced therapy for mental health. Specialisations include EAP facilitation in critical incidents, coaching, workshops and counselling for many Fortune 500 companies. Stephen has as a Professor of Psychology many years teaching experience in colleges and universities in England and China to post 16 young adults, instructing in psychology, sociology, English, marketing and business. He has been fortunate to travel extensively from Australia to Africa to the United States, South America, Borneo, most of Europe and Russia. Stephen’s favourite hobby is the study of primates and likes to play badminton. He believes that students who enjoy classes with humour and enthusiasm from the teacher always come back eager to learn more. Dr. Myler is the author of two books, The Travelling Psychologist and The China Papers. Recent expert psychologist on several shows of ICS TV Culture Matters discussing various psychological topics. Recognised by the World Counsel for Psychotherapy.

Health Conditions of Interest
Abuse, Abuse (Child), Abuse (Sexual), Abuse (Survivors of), Abuse (Women), Addiction, Addiction (Alcohol / Alcoholism), Addiction (Drugs and Substances), Addiction (Gambling), Anxiety Disorders, Anxiety Disorders (Panic), Anxiety Disorders (Phobias), Behavioural and emotional problems, Bereavement, Bipolar Mood Disorders, Brain Injuries, Burnout, Death and Dying, Depression, Depression (Postnatal), Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Memory Impairment, Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Personality Disorder (Borderline), Personality Disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychotic Disorders, Relationship problems, Relationship problems (Co-dependency), Relationship problems (Parent-Child), Relationship problems (Marriage), Schizophrenia, Sexual Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Stress, Stroke, Suicide, Trauma, Trauma (Childhood), Trauma (Sexual), Violence
Counsellor (General), Counsellor (Trauma), Psychologist (Clinical), Psychologist (Counselling), Psychologist (Educational), Psychometrist
Target Group
Adolescents, Adults, Children, Community, Couples, Elderly, Family, Groups, Men, Parents, Women
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Central Uganda
Street Address (line 1)
Plot 249 Park Road
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Kalungu Bunga
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Plot 249 Park Road
Postal Address (line 2)
Kalungu Bunga
Highest Qualification
Doctor of Clinical Psychology PhD
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In partnership with:

University of Stellenbosch
South African Medical Research Council
University of Cape Town