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Inner Peace

Inner Peace
Service Provider Name: Inner Peace
Service Provider Type:
Type of Organisation: Non-Profit Organisation
Service Description:

Inner Peace is more than your typical registered South African alcohol and drug addiction rehab or treatment centre (Practice Number 047 001 0746320). We pride ourselves on integrating all of the recognized and proven techniques available in substance use disorder and addiction recovery today, and being uniquely placed as the only provider of MRT in South Africa. We consider every person a unique individual, and their situation needs to be addressed accordingly. Our diverse, integrated substance use disorder (drugs and alcohol) and addictions recovery program and relapse prevention plans are specifically designed for each person’s specific needs. At Inner Peace, we also take pride in knowing the best chance at sustainable sobriety, from addictions, can be achieved at our addiction treatment centre here in the beautiful Karoo, within the Northern Cape.

1) Only addiction centre to use MRT, along with other scientifically proven addiction treatment programmes in South Africa
2) Effective, discreet, affordable addiction rehab
3) Compassionate treatment for substance use disorders and other addictions
4) Using an effective blend of Holistic treatments
5) Co-occurring Disorders are genuine and need proper attention
6) Trauma Informed
7) More personalised feedback than majority of addiction treatment centre’s
8) At Inner Peace, we pride ourselves in exceeding expectations.

Health Conditions of Interest: Addiction, Eating Disorders
Occupation(s): Clinical pastoral therapist, Counsellor (General), Counsellor (Trauma), General Practitioner, Professional Nurse, Psychiatrist, Researcher, Social Worker
Target Group: Adults
Phone Number: +27-72-1825995
Emergency Number: +27-23-7411029
Cellular Phone Number: +27-72-1825995
Street Address (line 1): 2 Daneel St
Street Address (line 2): Fraserburg, Northern Cape
Postal Code: 6960
Official Position: Chairperson
Highest Qualification: PhD Public Health
Practice Number: 047 001 0746320)
HPCSA Registration Number: PRC 0018490
Office Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Office Hours Open: 08:00
Office Hours Close: 17:00
Title: Clinical Director
First Name: Johann
Initials: J
Surname: Coetzer-Liversage
Gender: Male
Home Language: English
Date of Birth: 1970-02-05

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In partnership with:

University of Stellenbosch
South African Medical Research Council
University of Cape Town